Permitting & Compliance

Our team of policy experts, data scientists, and engineers are deeply engaged in the organic waste management sector in California. Our experience extends from the ground level to the statewide scale. At the ground level, our team is involved in permitting individual operations, managing solid waste facilities, and implementing new technologies at recycling and composting centers.

Similarly, Edgar & Associates, Inc. is proficient in analyzing statewide recycling and composting markets, interpreting and assessing legislation, and researching economic and environmental impacts of major policy drivers at the California state level. This well-rounded expertise has enabled us to craft clear-sighted and comprehensive organic waste recycling plans for cities and their franchised haulers alike.

See us for permitting:

  • Compost Facilities
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Renewable Energy Facilities
    • Market Studies
    • SWFP
    • WDR Technical Reports
    • OIMPS
    • Organic Labeling
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