Covered Aerated Static Pile & Windrow Composting

Aerated static piles (ASP) offer process control for rapid biodegradation, and work well for facilities processing wet materials and large volumes of feedstocks. The aerated static pile is the simplest and most cost effective approach to composting large volumes of organic waste materials and providing the requisite environmental controls for air and odor emissions, as well as addressing water quality concerns. In agriculture, windrow composting is the production of compost by piling organic matter or biodegradable waste, such as animal manure and crop residues, in long rows (windrows). This method is suited to producing large volumes of compost. These rows are generally turned to improve porosity and oxygen content, mix in or remove moisture, and redistribute cooler and hotter portions of the pile. Windrow composting is a commonly used farm scale composting method. Edgar & Associates can assist in selecting and permitting the proper technology for your location.

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