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Edgar & Associates, Inc. is an environmental engineering company and lobbying firm based in Sacramento and specializing in solid waste management, recycling, composting, and renewable energy issues. Edgar & Associates, Inc. acts as technical adviser and consultant to companies involved with all aspects of materials management services including collection, hauling, processing, recycling, composting, and landfilling. Edgar & Associates, Inc. assists in the deployment of technologies and in obtaining grant funding to commercialize low carbon systems. Since its inception, we have assisted companies and their franchise cities and jurisdictions prepare for greater levels of waste diversion and the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Our Success

Our success comes from our firsthand knowledge of and involvement in a wide range of California waste industry regulations and policy drivers. Furthermore, our operational and collection know-how comes from long-term, personal and trusted business relationships with haulers, recycling processors and composters.

Our Experience

Edgar & Associates, Inc. has decades of experience analyzing and projecting waste diversion scenarios against disposal targets and goals. More recently, a range of regulations have been passed to push California towards higher levels of diversion. In response to these mandates we have been assisting our clients with reports that prepare jurisdictions for meeting those requirements.

Our Services

Our team of policy experts, data scientists, and engineers are deeply engaged in the organic waste management sector in California. Our experience extends from the ground level to the statewide scale. At the ground level, our team is involved in permitting individual operations, managing solid waste facilities, and implementing new technologies at recycling and composting centers.

Similarly, at the state level, Edgar & Associates, Inc. is proficient in analyzing statewide and regional recycling and composting markets, interpreting and assessing legislation, and researching economic and environmental impacts of major policy drivers. This well-rounded expertise has enabled us to craft clear-sighted and comprehensive organic waste recycling plans for cities and their franchised haulers alike.

In addition, Edgar & Associates, Inc. provides a range of other service offerings including:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories
  • Consulting for Franchise Agreement Responses
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Sustainability Program Development
  • Third-party Verification for C&D Facilities
  • Environmental Social Governance

We understand that the waste management sector in California is at the nexus of many environmental policy goals ranging from greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and economic development. We use our technical expertise to assist clients in the navigation of these sectors to plan sustainably for the future.

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