Our Team

Our team includes engineering, composting, sustainability, technology, and greenhouse gas experts. We have become a turnkey service for numerous private independent business owners and their local government partners in the materials management world. We specialize in Climate Action Planning coupled with Master Planning, where we prepare reports and strategic plans that prepare facilities for meeting jurisdictional diversion requirements and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. These include an evaluation of current operational practices, projections of community waste generation, evaluation of technologies and permitting requirements and operational goal setting while integrated scientifically supported greenhouse gas emission reductions strategies.

Evan Edgar, P.E.

Evan Edgar is the Principal Engineer and President of Edgar & Associates, Inc. since 1997. Mr. Edgar has over thirty years of experience in all aspects of solid waste management as a registered civil engineer who has advocated on for green energy incentives, compost market development, greenhouse gas reductions policies, and practical regulations in front of legislative committees, regulatory agencies, and local commissions involving the collection, hauling, processing, and composting of urban green and yard wastes. Read complete bio.

Neil Edgar

Neil Edgar is a Senior Project Manager with Edgar & Associates in Sacramento, California. Mr. Edgar is also Executive Director, and co-founder, of the California Compost Coalition, a statewide lobbying coalition that focuses on legislative and regulatory development regarding composting and other organics management options. Mr. Edgar is a member of the United States Composting Council’s Legislative and Environmental Affairs Committee and serves as a policy liaison for the California Organics Recycling Council, a statewide advocacy group dedicated to increasing the sustainable use of recycled organics. Read complete bio.

Rick Moore

Rick Moore is a registered civil engineer in California, holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from UC Davis and serves as Principal Civil Engineer for Edgar & Associates.  Mr. Moore has over 28 years of engineering experience, principally in the area of solid waste management, but also in water resources and transportation.  Mr. Moore has been working with Edgar and Associates since 2007, assisting clients with project development and the permitting process for composting and material recovery facilities, including co-located bioenergy production facilities.  Mr. Moore has a wealth of experience managing infrastructure projects, taking projects through the CEQA process, and obtaining permits from technical agencies such as CalRecycle, the Water Board and local Air Districts. Read complete bio.

Monica (Needoba) White

Monica (Needoba) White is the Sustainability Manager at Edgar and Associates. Monica has over 10 years of experience working in the sustainability arena where she has led teams in developing programs for a range of companies including waste haulers and processors, aerospace and manufacturing. Monica has played a leadership role in assisting companies to develop strong sustainability and environmental programs, and strategically achieve desired goals, including how to incorporate carbon projects into their businesses to meet their carbon reduction targets. Read complete bio.

Grant Readle

Grant Readle is an economist specializing in solid waste management, greenhouse gases, and materials forecasting. Mr. Readle holds a Master of Science degree in agriculture and resource economics from University of California, Davis. Mr. Readle’s most recent work and research centers on California’s various organics diversion mandates, and modelling the waste stream implications of full implementation of these programs. His data-driven approach to modelling uses well documented, peer-reviewed, and government endorsed methodologies to approach complex waste diversion issues. Mr. Readle has been a primary author on CEC Grant Final Project Reports for experimental facilities, Solid Waste Facility Permits, Hazardous Materials Business Plans, economic white papers on statewide waste Policy, research pilot projects for experimental compost facilities, greenhouse gas analyses of multiple companies, and a myriad of other research and permitting documents. Read complete bio.


Julie Arenz

Julie Arenz is the Sustainability Associate at Edgar and Associates. Julie has over 10 years of experience working in sustainability education and outreach, GHG mitigation/ Climate Action Plans, CalRecycle Annual Reporting, grant and project management, and edible food recovery capacity reports. Julie not only possesses the technical skills to analyze data and research to produce high quality reports, but also understands how to communicate information and market specifically relating to the solid waste industry.
Julie is a dedicated, versatile, and technically adept business professional with a diverse skill-set developed through experience in communications, data analysis, research, outreach, marketing, and graphic design. Furthermore, Julie possesses extensive knowledge of SB 1383 program compliance and implementation. She is excellent at leading a team and working in a supportive role to meet strict deadlines on competitive projects. Read complete bio.

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