Edgar & Associates is a lobbying firm representing individual companies and trade associations in the solid waste industry. We understand that the waste sector in California is at the nexus of many environmental policy goals ranging from greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and economic development. We use our technical expertise to assist clients in the navigation of these sectors to plan sustainably for the future.

Our Focus

We advocate for sustainable waste management policies including: 75% Recycling, Green House Gas (GHG) Reductions, Methane Mitigation, Five Pillars, Renewable Energy. We represent the California Compost Coalition.

California’s organic recyclers and compost operators have created a sustainable, scalable industry model for the state, the nation, and the world to demonstrate that putting clean, recycled, composted organic materials back into the ground is the most predictable, cost efficient, productive, and eco-friendly use of a natural resource. The CCC vision is to increase awareness and preference for composting, to accurately represent members’ interests, and to always preserve and conserve all of our natural resources.

White Papers, Presentations, and Articles

Watch for links to the following coming soon:

  • SB 1383
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • BioCycle
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