Sustainability & Climate Action Planning

GHG Footprints

The greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint, refers to the amount of GHG that is emitted during the creation of products or services. It is more comprehensive than the commonly used carbon footprint, which measures only carbon dioxide, one of many greenhouse gases. Edgar & Associates will calculate your GHG Footprint, and help you understand and manage GHG emissions.

Measuring the greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of a company, City or waste management program has become increasingly important as California paves the way to battle climate change through a range of regulatory measures. Our team has exceptional experience in understanding, calculating, benchmarking and goal setting GHG Footprints. Our unique understanding of the solid waste industry, and the regulations and goals that shape it, positions us to provide complete and accurate GHG Footprints and position our clients for the future.

We recognize that a successful GHG Footprint should pass third-party verification with minimal struggle. Key aspects of verifiable emissions inventories include a clear understanding of a clients’ industry, detailed documentation and record-keeping, and creation of an Inventory Management Plan to record calculations and assumptions. Even in cases where our clients do not seek third-party verification, we use best inventory management best practice to ensure transparency and consistency among all reporting years.

Environmental Social Governance

Edgar & Associates specializes in creating effective sustainability programs which incorporate financial business goals, long-term strategy and strong environmental and social goals. Specific project work includes benchmarking against peers/competitors, strategic goal setting, stakeholder engagement, metric data collection and general support to clients throughout the process. Our Clients have had award winning sustainability plans and environmental social governance, where they have been recognized both regionally and state-wide for their progressive programs and cutting edge technology.

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